Modern Trends in Graphic Design – Ram V Chary

As multimedia becomes the standard, the importance of good graphic design is becoming even more important. The profession of graphic designers has evolved with advancements in technology and the introduction of new media types. Today, Graphic design plays an instrumental role in making any multimedia, be it print-based or web-based.

Graphic designer Ram V Chary has identified the following trends in graphic design that you should be aware of:

1. Interactive and Animated Graphics

Modern graphics are mostly in the form of animated visuals, for example – Flash. This is because multimedia content has become mainstream, and users find it easier to interact with interactive graphics. Moreover, this trend will continue as long as user interface (UI) designers prefer graphic-based navigation menus.

2. Minimalistic Design

Designers are focusing more on minimalistic design. This trend is similar to the one identified by Neville Brody, who believes that less is more. This graphic design style will become popular as a major part of any visual content containing multimedia can now be handled using hardware, which is much more powerful than earlier. An example of this would be the latest Apple products, iMac, iPad, and iPhone.

3. Hand-Drawn Graphic Design

Graphic designers are going back to basics by resorting to hand-drawn graphics rather than pixel-based graphics, which were in vogue a few years ago. Today’s artists have started using illustration tools on digital platforms for conceptualizing different ideas before converting them into graphic designs. This is because hand drawings are getting popular again due to the availability of ‘hand’ tools on digital platforms.

4. Simple Illustrations

The audience has always appreciated complex illustrations. Still, today’s trend identifies simple illustrations as something that grabs attention and can be used to create catchy visual messages. This is because complex illustrations require elaborate explanations, which may confuse the audience.

5. Hand-Drawn Typography

Designers have always admired Computer-generated typography, but with advancements in technology, more and more users prefer hand-drawn typography over computer-generated text. This is because most of today’s software can be used to create hand-written typography in a better manner.

6. Focal Point in Graphic Design

The focal point of every graphic design defines its importance and conveys the message, which is to be communicated through it. Therefore, all professional designers would agree that creating an impressive focal point for any visual content is key to the success of any design. Therefore, everything should have a clear focal point from the logo to a flyer, brochure, banner, or even the homepage of any website.

7. Gradient Design

Gradient effects are being widely used in graphic designs by designers around the world. These stylish graphics are used for creating beautiful patterns that resemble water ripples on the pond’s surface. In addition, gradient designs can create patterns in background designs, logos, and other forms of print media.

8. Grayscale Design

Graphic designers are going to extremes by using cool grayscale colors, giving the audience a soothing feel. In addition, they add visual effects to add glamour to their works. The unique thing about grayscale designs is their versatility – they can be used for creating backgrounds, logos, brochures, and even web design.



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