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3 Tips For Safer Business Travel

While any kind of travel can bring with it some potential risks and dangers, those who travel for work often have so many other things on their minds that some of the hazardous possibilities associated with the travel aren’t properly avoided. As a result, you may find that business travel comes with more problems than traveling for leisure does, both from a personal and professional standpoint.

To help you overcome these pitfalls, here are three tips for safer business travel.

Be Smart When Packing

Being safe doesn’t only mean ensuring that you’re physically protected while traveling by doing things like only consuming clean drinking water or choosing safe transit options; also need to ensure that you’re keeping all of your business items safe as well.

To do this, it’s wise to think very strategically about how you pack when traveling for business. According to, you’re going to want to only pack things in your checked luggage that you could, theoretically, be okay with losing. This means that if you have something that’s vital to the business that you’re doing as part of your travel, that should either be kept with you or brought onto the plane as a carry-on. If not, you take the chance of potentially losing that item or not having it with you when you need it.

Have A Contingency Plan

When traveling for business, it’s important that you always have a contingency plan in place in the event that things don’t go as planned or something unforeseen happens.

As part of this, Rieva Lesonsky, a contributor to Small Business Trends, recommends that you always bring backups of anything that you’ll be needing. This includes things like copies of your driver’s license and passport as well as any business files or documents that you’re going to use as part of your work while you’re traveling.

Get The Right Hotel Room

As for your personal safety, getting the right hotel room can help you to stay much safer during your downtime.

According to Talia Avakian, a contributor to Business Insider, you should try to get a room on the fourth, fifth, or sixth floors of any hotel you’re staying in. Along with this, you should take measures like always locking your hotel room door, getting a room close to an emergency exit, and always keeping your “do not disturb” sign on your door to make it appear that someone is in the room. By doing all these things, you’ll be able to stay much safer while in your hotel room.

If you travel a lot for business, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you stay safe throughout your time on the road.

5 reasons you may be involved in a car accident

Did you know that thousands of car accidents happen each year? Thankfully, many people walk away with minor injuries, but there are many instances where the victims involved are either seriously hurt or lose their lives.

It doesn’t bear thinking about, however, did you know that most car accidents are caused by human error and as such, could be avoided completely? Click the link if you’ve been involved in an accident with a totaled car. The last thing you want is to risk your own life or destroy someone else’s, so with this in mind, I’ve highlighted 5 reasons you may be involved in a car accident.


Speeding or going too fast, is a leading cause of road accidents and deaths. Ignoring speed limits either deliberately or unintentionally makes it more difficult to stop in time and react to hazards and changing road conditions. You should always be mindful of the speed limit, and always reduce your speed when driving by a school or in a built-up area. Try not to rely on your GPS too much, as they don’t always display the latest information regarding speed limits. Stick to the signs where possible.

Distracted driving

Is there anything more tempting than a smartphone that has just pinged? Even when you’re behind the wheel, a quick check of your phone seems innocent enough, however, it’s also a leading cause of car accidents and road deaths. Not only are phones common in distracted driving cases, but also eating behind the wheel, chatting to passengers and even applying makeup can be catastrophic. Always keep your eyes on the road!

Driving recklessly

Driving recklessly covers a wide range of poor driving techniques and approaches. From speeding to weaving in and out of traffic without care or signaling, tailgating, failing to yield when you should give way, overtaking in blind spots, driving through red lights and speeding up to get through the lights before they change are just some examples.

Driving whilst tired

We all lead such busy lives, it’s hardly surprising that many of us drive feeling tired. However, driving whilst feeling exceptionally tired or drowsy can cost lives and makes you more likely to involved in a car crash. Your reactions are slower, and you may even drive with your eyes closed!

Driving under the influence

Driving whilst drunk or on drugs is a recipe for disaster. Your ability to drive proficiently is dramatically reduced and you’re more likely to crash.


4 Top Tips for Taking on Las Vegas as a First Timer

Las Vegas, also known as Sin City. A vacation destination of pure excess. Whether you are planning to visit one of the many famous casinos, indulge in some shopping, or simply enjoy the vibrant nightlife, a trip to Vegas is one that you will never forget.

That being said, if you are a first-timer, or “Vegas virgin,” it can be overwhelming and even scary when you first step onto the Strip with its eclectic attractions and unique set of customs.

Fortunately, there are several top tips that you can follow to ensure that your first trip to Vegas is fun, frivolous, and fantastic, rather than frustrating and frightening.

Plus, don’t forget, ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!’ so let loose and embrace this unforgettable experience.

Pack properly

Ensuring that you pack the right clothes is vital in ensuring that you have a great trip to Las Vegas. There is a common misconception that all the attractions are right next to each other, but sadly, this is not the case. Therefore, unless you want blisters all over your feet, you should make sure you pack at least one pair of comfortable shoes.

You may also think that a jacket is not needed in Vegas where temperatures can reach a sweltering 40 degree in the summer months, but the casinos can get chilly with the air conditioning constantly running. Therefore, it is advisable to pack a jacket or two to keep yourself warm as you enjoy some responsible gambling.

Create a contingency plan

Chances are that you plan to have a few (or many) drinks while you are in Vegas. Couple that with little sleep and minimal natural light, and you can expect to return home feeling a shadow of your former self. Of course, it will be worth it for the excitement and exhilaration of a weekend, or even a week in Vegas, but unless you are able to take a week off work to recuperate, it can be a good idea to make alternative arrangements.

One of the most popular methods of getting over a trip to Vegas is to book yourself in for an IV hydration therapy treatment, and if you are looking for a hangover cure in LA, you will not find a faster or more effective way to banish those all too familiar feelings of nausea, fatigue, and headaches. The treatment works by rapidly hydrating your body, replacing any lost vitamins and minerals, and flushing out all those nasty toxins, resulting in an immediate revival of your mind and body.

Take gambling lessons

If you are a gambling novice, it can be a good idea to book into a gambling lesson or two with one of the local casinos; otherwise, you will not be able to fully enjoy the Vegas experience.

Some of the most popular yet complicated games that you may want to learn how to play include craps, roulette, and blackjack. Simply look out for signs in the casinos offering private lessons or ask one of the dealers at the tables.

Take advantage of the buffet

After gambling, an indulgent eating experience is arguably one of the most appealing features of Vegas, with this city being home to over a hundred fine-dining restaurants.

Turn your attention to the best dinner buffets in Vegas where you will be able to enjoy an abundance of high-quality food including lobster rolls, giant crab legs, steak, sushi, and a vast array of delicious desserts all for around $30.


Frequently Asked Questions About Traveling to Japan

Are you currently doing some research into the prospect of traveling to Japan on your next family holiday or romantic getaway for two?

If so, you will probably have a few questions in terms of what to expect, and why you should consider adding it to your destination wish list in the first place.

Here are some answers to your most frequently asked questions about “The Land of the Rising Sun”.

Why is Japan a popular holiday destination?

Rich in culture and natural beauty, there are countless reasons as to why Japan attracts millions upon millions of tourists each and every year. In fact, it is estimated that around 28.7 million tourists in total visited Japan in 2017 alone.

Here are just a few reasons why you might want to book your Japan tour packages sooner rather than later:

  • To see the breath-takingly beautiful cherry blossoms that adorn the trees in every direction you look (in spring and summertime)
  • To experience what it’s like to stay inside a pod hotel
  • To take part in ‘forest bathing’ – no water involved
  • To marvel at the towering Mount Fuji
  • To visit the golden, shimmering Zen Buddhist temple, Kinkaku-ji
  • To overlook the bustling city atop the Tokyo Skytree, an observation tower located in Sumida, Tokyo, and the tallest tower in the world, and the second tallest structure in the world (second only to the Burj Khalifa in the UAE). It currently stands at 634 metres high

Do I need a Visa to travel to Japan?

Japan welcomes citizens from 68 countries around the world without any need for a Visa if they are visiting as tourists and only plan to stay for fewer than 90 days/three months. These countries include Korea, Singapore, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Australia, the UK and many other European nations.

However, all travelers visiting Japan will need to be in possession of a valid passport that has at least three months left of validity ahead of its expiry date.

Remember to constantly re-visit the Japan tourism rules and requirements even if you are a resident of one of the countries that are currently allowed to enter without a Visa. Rules and requirements tend to change regularly.

When is the best time to visit Japan?

Unless you are visiting specifically to take full advantage of the expansive ski slopes, you will probably want to steer clear of Japan during the wintertime. Most travelers consider the best time to visit Japan to be in the spring, from March to May, where you will be able to witness the infamous red-pink cherry blossoms in all of their glory.

If you can’t make it during spring, the next best time to visit is during autumn, from September through to November. The crisp, colorful leaves are just as beautiful as the country’s iconic flowers, after all.

High season takes place during late spring and summer, so avoid unless you are game to pay sky-high prices for flights and accommodation. Generally, March is considered to be the cheapest month to fly to Japan.

Best of luck for planning your getaway to Japan.


New Travel Strategies to Make the Most of 2020

2019 was an excellent year for travel. Several countries expanded their efforts to attract more tourists. The economy improved and allowed people to use disposable income to see the world. Hopefully, it will remain as the trend for 2020. As the new decade begins, you will have more opportunities to travel and enjoy various places. These are some strategies you might use to have a much better experience.

Don’t always plan for overseas trips

Yes, there are hundreds of countries around the world, and a lot of them are worth discovering. However, it doesn’t mean you should only rely on these choices for your trip. You can choose to stay in your city and enjoy local destinations. You will be surprised to know that there are still several places you can visit. Before you travel elsewhere and help other economies, you need to start at home.

Try renting a large house

Instead of booking a hotel room for your next trip, you might want to try renting a large house. It would be perfect for you and the entire family. It’s spacious enough to accommodate all of you. It also has great facilities for everyone to enjoy. You will have a great time when you’re in a large house, and it’s something even top hotels can’t offer. You can check out if it’s something you want to try.

Use travel apps

The good thing about travel-related apps is that there’s tough competition these days. It means that you don’t need to rely on an unsatisfactory choice. It also means that you will have more chances to see a promotion to lessen your overall travel expenses. As long as you partner with a reliable choice, everything will end well.

Avoid the high season

By now, you already know that travelling during the high season is a disaster. Everything is expensive. Worse, you won’t even have the chance to book a room or a specific travel route due to unavailability. If you intend to visit a place, you need to know when the busy season is, and try to avoid it. You also need to book ahead so you will get cheaper rates. For the Christmas holidays, travelling could be stressful. Plan a trip once the festivities are over.

Learn when to suspend your trips 

Travelling can be exciting. It also allows you to meet a lot of people and see various cultures. However, you need to understand that some trips aren’t worth going on. It’s true, especially if they no longer make economic sense. It would help if you suspend your plans until you save enough money to make them happen. Besides, you won’t feel good if you pursue a trip that was too much trouble to plan.

Take time to reconsider your future travel plans and have fun. The next decade has a lot to offer, and you need to make the most of it. Create more unforgettable memories with your family and friends.

Hurricane, Utah


Like the phenomenon it was named after, the city of Hurricane will certainly sweep you off your feet. In fact, the very place in Washington County welcomed Erastus Snow with a whirlwind, which swept him off a buggy. The fellow named the settlement Hurricane Hill, which has emerged as an antithesis the late 19th century statement. The community in Southwestern Utah is actually a quiet and idyllic alternative to the larger tourist towns and cities in the area. The settlement is surrounded by both flawless beauty and a whirlwind of adventure, with purple, beige, red, and green sandstone walls setting the picturesque backdrop. The city itself is surrounded by towering old trees, making it that quintessential small town.

Tourist Attractions

With its natural beauty you can hardly call Hurricane your typical city. Visitors are given a chance to experience what life is in small town USA. The city is unlike any other, where you can still wake up with the sounds of chirping birds and walk in the night and be dazzled by several stars. Hurricane boasts of its close proximity to recreational havens such as the Grand Canyon National Park, Lake Powell, and Zion National Park. For years a canal has served as one of Hurricane’s historic thoroughfares. Though no longer existent, a monument effectively recounts its story through a trailhead. Tourists can walk in the canal itself, and see excellent views of the city. Book your Hurricane Hotels with

Things to Do

The reservoirs of Sand Hollow and Quail Creek have been popular spots for fishing, water skiing, and boating. During the winter, many outdoor enthusiasts come to hike in the beautiful Snow Canyon State Park or Zion National Park. Beyond activities such as hiking and golfing, tourists also enjoy hunting, horseback riding, camping, and biking activities. Besides a myriad of outdoor activities, Hurricane also lets its tourists enjoy a string of cultural events. For instance, the St. George and the Tuacahn Musical Theaters bring Broadway productions to desert settings. The city has many services that cater to discerning demands and tastes. Scaldoni’s and Painted Pony offer fine dining options for hungry guests. The best way to see the rest of Southwestern Utah is also the most thrilling one. There are several outfitters that offer a multitude of ways for you to experience the best aerial tours. Guests can choose from floating atop hot air balloons, gliding over the canyons through airplanes, sailing the skies through powered parachutes, or dropping by means of spectacular sky diving.

When to Visit

The small town features several fairs and festivals, including the Labor Day Weekend, the Peach Days Festival, and the Washington County Fair in August. The Peach Days Festival commemorates Hurricane’s fruit-growing heritage. The festival features events like children’s games, a variety of contests, food and craft vendors, live entertainment, parades, and agricultural displays, among other activities.

Best Museums

The city exudes in admirable civic pride, which in turn has produced the Pioneer Museum and the Heritage Park, just found in the town’s center. The Pioneer Museum recounts Hurricane’s earliest settlers and the construction of its own canal. Though the canal is no longer in use, the museum has effectively preserved the canal’s memory, which serves as a testament to the longsuffering, the determination, and the ingenuity of Hurricane’s pioneers.


Savvy Travels – 6 Essentials To Equip Your RV With Before Hitting The Road

When packing for your next road trip, make sure you don’t miss any of the essentials. If you are taking an RV, you have to plan everything you pack to ensure it’s comfortably organized. Check out these tips on how to maximize your space with clever equipment.

Travel Cooking Sets

We consider space to be a “happy limitation” when RV-ing. With this in mind, don’t take your bulky home cooking set. Instead, invest in the best cookware sets that can be packed tightly in your RV kitchen cabinets. These come in many durable forms, including cast iron that you can use on an outdoor fire as well as on a cooktop. Versatility is king.

Parking Essentials

As unglamorous as this sounds, you need to plan where to park your RV. You can’t set up shop anywhere, and you need to be able to fit into many different sized parking spaces. Make sure you practice safe maneuvering skills before you set off. Then pack your leveling blocks. If your RV isn’t level, many things won’t work or will operate out of ideal parameters. There’s no fun in that!


Modern technology has brought us thousands of innovative products that contribute to safer and more convenient off-road experiences. The problem is: where do you put all that gear? The last thing you want is a ton of junk flying around your vehicle when you’re off the blacktop, so ensuring you have the right storage solutions in place is a must. From sophisticated roof-mountable storage pods to a simple length of piping secured with lockable PVC end caps, there’s no end to the inventive methods you can use to keep your stuff safe and secure.

Prepare For Emergencies

Although you can’t rent a mechanic to be on call for your road trip, you can make sure you pack your RV with basic tools, and your brain with an understanding of how to use them. This will be invaluable if something unexpected happens. Here are some things to pack in your emergency kit: a whistle, flashlight, tire pressure gauge, extension cords, and jumper cables. Consider adding extra insurance that offers roadside assistance if you feel your mechanical knowledge leaves a lot to be desired.

First Aid Kits

On the topic of emergencies, you also need to ensure you have a fully stocked first aid kit to take care of any injuries that occur on the road. If you are out in the desert or deep in the woods, a doctor may not be readily accessible. Pack extra flashlights and chargers so if you need to call for help, you’re ready. Flares and pylons are also necessary to help rescuers see you if you are in an isolated area.

Food and Water

If you are going to pack all of your food rather than buy it on the way, making a meal plan is crucial. Arming yourself with pre-planned recipes will eliminate the guessing game of what to cook on the road. Water is just as critical. If you are heading to a campsite that doesn’t have running water, make sure you fill up before you leave. For extra credit, keep an airtight container filled with non-perishable items such as beef jerky, trail mix, and protein bars in case an emergency sees you stuck in the wild for longer than intended.

Wherever you decide to go on your next RV trip, check your essentials to ensure you get to enjoy a more streamlined adventure. The less complicated your routine, the better your trip will be.




The Need to Get Certified Before Driving a Truck


You need to have a driver’s license before you can start driving a car. For big vehicles like a truck, a regular license isn’t enough. You need to get certification to prove that you had the necessary training and experience in driving. The regulations might vary per state, but you generally need certification to drive.

Trucks are more difficult to drive

You need to prove that you can maneuver the vehicle. Trucks are way bigger than a regular car. The moving parts are more difficult to handle. Turning left or right might also be a challenge. It’s even worse for steep roads. Without any training, it would be difficult to drive a truck. Therefore, the government won’t allow you to do so unless you prove that you’re capable of doing it.

It’s for your safety

Although the certification ensures the safety of the people around you, it’s also for your own good. The government won’t allow you to drive a truck because you can be a threat to yourself. Imagine if you’re a nervous driver when driving a regular car. It could be way worse when you have to deal with a truck.

It takes practice

To get certified, you need to meet a specific number of hours of training. Truck driving requires practice with the guidance of an expert. It’s like any other profession which requires technical expertise. You have to keep practicing so that you will do a better job. Unless you achieve the necessary hours, you won’t feel confident about driving.

You need to understand the parts 

There are instances when you have to deal with repair issues yourself. Therefore, you need to understand how the truck works and how to deal with its parts. If you can’t fix the vehicle, you can at least determine if there’s a problem. It will help you decide if it makes sense for you to continue driving.

No one will hire you if you don’t have certification 

Most employers require certification before hiring you to do the job. Unless you have it, you can’t prove that you can drive a truck. Therefore, no one will be confident about hiring you. Besides, no company would risk violating state laws by employing someone who didn’t meet the requirements.

Help will still be available

It’s a good thing to be an expert in truck driving through constant training. However, if you meet a problem on the road, it’s good to know that you can rely on tow truck services. They’re a phone call away and when the services are necessary, they will be there for you. Call Fort Lauderdale Towing Service if you encounter problems while you are in the area.

Start your training now if you wish to become an expert in truck driving and get a job as a professional truck driver. It takes time and effort, but it’s worth everything once you get things done.



5 easy-to-overlook London landmarks worthy of your attention

When a trip to London is on the cards, you’ll more than likely have all of the big names on your to-do-list. There’s Big Ben, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, The Shard and Nelson’s Column, to name but a few. However, as prestigious and as exciting as these landmarks may be, there are many others the capital has to offer that tourists often overlook.

Columbia Road Flower Market

So, you’ve heard of the Chelsea Flower Show, right? Well this East London flower market is a great opportunity to spice up your Instagram, and the perfect chance to explore Hackney. This flower market is as historic and as traditional as you can get, it’s brilliant all year round and its sheer popularity makes for a brilliant atmosphere. In the summer, the stalls are plentiful with sunflowers and at Christmas, berries and mistletoe line the streets with magnificent Christmas trees stealing the show.

Sky Garden

This is London’s highest public garden. This green space towers 155 metres above the city and offers stunning panoramic views of the capital’s biggest landmarks, including the Tower of London, the Shard and a large share of the Thames. What’s more is that the garden is free to visit, and if it’s a special occasion, you can visit the Darwin Brasserie or Fenchurch Restaurant to really make a day of it. Plus, both eateries pave the way for those awe-inspiring views to continue.

Emirates Air Line

If heights, or stunning views rather, are your jam, the Emirates Air Line may also take your fancy. Located at the Royal Docks, this cable car link offers further incredible views, without the crowds that gather in agonisingly long queues found at The Shard or London Eye. A truly unrivalled perspective of the city, it’s a brilliant chance for some sightseeing, and regardless of the end you start at, you’re in for a true scenic treat.

Buddhapadipa temple

Found in Wimbledon, this was the first Thai Buddhist temple to be built in the UK. Found amongst the greenery and peaceful surroundings of West London, it’s a hidden gem that is a haven for mindfulness. The trip to the temple will transform for your jaunt to the capital into a trip to China for the few hours you spend there. And if you take a glance at the Buddhist calendar, you’re likely to find meditation classes and festivals that coincide.

Eltham Palace

Think you’ve got an eye for style? A venture to this South East London stately home should definitely head your list. The medieval authenticity of the place still remains there for all to see here, but the elegance of the 1930s art deco refurbishment work is a sight to behold. For the era, the enticers were completed to the utmost standards making for some deco chic that just can’t age. If you’re a fan of Poirot, the foyer is easily recognisable from many of the famed series’ many episodes.

There’s also Eel Pie Island, London’s Roman amphitheatre, Wilton’s Music Hall and so much more to offer. Don’t be afraid to cram in as much as you’re able to as the Dorsett Hotel, City of London makes for the ultimate place to unwind after a busy day of activities and sightseeing. The capital has so much to offer, and more. It really is no surprise that it’s one of the most visited and adored cities in the world.


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Unravel the Secrets of the Mystery Spot in California


The Mystery Spot is one of the most talked about travel destinations in the Santa Cruz, CA area. This “gravitational anomaly” is just 150 feet in diameter, but has an outsized presence in the popular imagination. It offers visitors a perplexing, perturbing experience that they just can’t seem to get enough of. If you dig visiting quirky attractions like Yellowstone’s Old Faithful or Roswell, NM’s Area 51, then you’ll love visiting the Mystery Spot. Located at 465 Mystery Spot Road, it’s near the Happy Valley Conference Center and Branciforte Creek. In 2014, California named this venue a historical landmark. Here’s what you need to know about visiting.

Where to Stay

There are several Santa Cruz hotels in the area. One good possibility is to make your base of operations the Hyatt Place Santa Cruz. Located at 407 Broadway Avenue, it’s only an 11-minute drive away from the Mystery Spot. Become a member, and enjoy a free breakfast. The Hyatt Place Santa Cruz is centrally located, so you can also head over to the Boardwalk, Wharf, and other downtown attractions. Situated in a more rustic setting, the Chaminade Resort & Spa is also close to the Mystery Spot. This hotel, situated on a mountaintop in northwestern Santa Cruz, offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside. Even though you’ll want to stay and relax on its historic Mission-style, it’s still close to the downtown attractions of Santa Cruz.

Heading to the Mystery Spot

Because this venue is a hot (mystery) spot, operators suggest that you book a tour and buy tickets ahead of time. You may do so online. The cost is $8 per ticket. Parking costs $5 per vehicle. Plan to arrive about half an hour early, and have cash on hand.

Active duty military personnel receive free admission. Simply present your military ID. You will receive your discount if you pre-order tickets by showing the ID at the venue.

What Makes the Mystery Spot so Mysterious?

Prepare to send your brain reeling with the apparently gravity-defying spots around the property. Balls roll uphill, and you may have to lean well past your toe tips just to stay upright – or so it seems. Mystery Spot tour guides frequently hint at an electromagnetic field that may have roots out of this world.

Scientists beg to differ. The Association for Psychological Science considers the Mystery Spot a visual illusion. It points to tilted floors, intentional slanting of buildings, and the clever designs that make it hard to develop a grounded frame of reference.

However, don’t let scientific information deter you from enjoying the 45-minute tour. Thousands of people per year are wowed and entertained by the anomaly. Just be sure to wear sturdy shoes and comfortable clothes; you’re in for a short hike up a steep hill. Then, suspend disbelief and let the illusion work its magic on your senses. You’ll swear that you defied gravity on this hill!

Stick around for Lunch!

The hike is sure to make you hungry. Think ahead, and bring a picnic lunch. There are benches and tables in the courtyard where you are welcome to sit down and have your meal. However, you don’t have to pack it in. There’s the Snack Shack on site where you can enjoy regular and vegetarian favorites. Examples include the Angus cheeseburger or vegetarian chili.

Visit the Hiking Trail

The Mystery Spot hiking trail is another attraction. After you finished your tour and had some lunch, head up into the beautiful redwood forest. Marvel at the tall trees. The hiking trail is a 30-minute excursion and well-marked for your safety. Just recently, Mystery Spot operators opened up a dahlia garden. Stop by to see the gorgeous blooms.

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