3 Smart Ways To Hide All Of The Cords and Wires Throughout Your Home

If your home is like most modern homes, then you likely have all kinds of cords and wires to plug in all of your appliances and other pieces of technology. And while you might love having all of these items, what you probably don’t love is having to figure out what to do with all of the cords and wires that come along with all of the stuff.

If not taken care of correctly, all of your electronics could cause major electrical issues and get in the way of your everyday life. So to help ensure that this doesn’t happen to you, here are three smart ways to hide all of the cords and wires throughout your home.

Use Your Furniture

In many situations, you likely have your appliances or electronics sitting on or near furniture pieces. If this is the case, something that you can do is to use your furniture to help you in hiding the cords and wires that are around your furniture.

To do this, you can either install hooks and clips all around the backside of the furniture so that you can feed your cords and wires through them and hide them behind the back or side of the furniture. Something else you can do is to just tape or otherwise cover the cords and wires behind the furniture so that they can’t be seen.

Create Bundles

For many people, one of the biggest issues with keeping cords and electronic wires out of sight is knowing which cords are for which item. This can be especially vital if you have to switch certain plugs occasionally.

To make this easier, something you can try is to create bundles for the cords that you’re using in close proximity. You can wrap all of the cords together in a bundle and then label the cords as they come out of the bundle so that you easily know which plug is for which item. And when the cords are all bundled together, they’ll be easier to hide and keep together.

Make A Charging Drawer

Another option for cords that are close to furniture is to empty out one of the drawers and make it a home for all lengths of cords and wires around that area. This way, everything will be completely enclosed in a space that no one will even suspect has cords and wires.

To make this easier, you might want to drill a hole in the back or bottom of the drawer so that you can easily feed the cords and wires into the drawer. But once you have this done, that drawer will be the perfect place to hide your cords.

If you’re tired of seeing cords and wires all over your house, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you learn how to best hide them from sight.



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