Display Home Strategy: 6 Tips for Making the Most of Display Home Visits

If you’re in the market for a house, it’s best to visit a few beforehand. Whether it’s walking through the best display homes Torquay has to offer or taking a quick peek at apartments in Thailand, it helps to get a real-world feel for what your dream home might look like. Before making that visit, however, it’s best to prepare yourself.

Below are six tips for doing so:

1. Know your budget

Before heading over to the display home, know what you can and can’t afford, and keep that range in focus. This will allow you to confidently explore the property and all its features while knowing it’s the right financial fit.

To get a handle on your budget, talk to a few banks and lenders to get a rough estimate of what’s a reasonable price for you. Even if the first bank you visit is ideal, shop around a bit so you can compare different offers and make the most informed decision possible.

2. Know your needs

Needs and budgets differ from person to person. What essentials do you require in your home right now and in the future? If you’re starting a family or already have one, that may mean extra room and storage space. If you’re big on barbeques and regular gatherings, then plenty of indoor and outdoor seating may be required, as will an attractive garden and spacious yard.

Alongside your essentials, it’s important to consider where you’re willing to compromise. In other words, distinguish what you need from what’s nice to have. Identifying these beforehand will clarify your goals and ensure your home fits your needs.

3. Research the builders

Just as you would research a brand before buying expensive electronics, you must research the builders behind any display homes you visit. Ideally, the company has a sterling reputation and is known for its build quality, customer service, and warranties.

You can find that information online by searching through forums. In addition, you can tap into your friend and family networks to get personal recommendations based on their experiences.

4. Take your time

Take a few deep breaths, walk around the place, and take it all in. Don’t rush your visit. Instead, get a feel for what it would be like to live there. As you walk around the kitchen, living room, and bedroom, imagine how you would arrange each room. Is there enough space for a comfy sofa in the living room, or is it a bit cramped? Pay attention to details like this to ensure everything meets your standards.

5. Walk around the outside

In addition to a thorough inspection of the display home’s interior, it’s essential to walk around the outside as well. This is another way to get a feel for the builders in charge of making your dream home. Is the site well-managed and tidy, or is it a mess? Furthermore, keep an eye out for any awards that show their build quality has been recognized by the industry.

6. Learn about the wider community

After you’ve checked the inside and outside of the display home, learn about the wider community. If you have young ones, you may want to know about parks, playgrounds, and open spaces alongside schools. Furthermore, are shops, doctors, and other essential services nearby? These answers can help you decide whether the community is a good fit for you.

Visiting a display home is an exciting part of the house-buying journey. Keep the six tips above in mind to make the most of it.



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