Crowdsourcing Software and the Other 3 Cs of Innovation

Crowdsourcing software is one of the main Cs of innovation. However, there are three other Cs that leaders need to be aware of if they truly want to have a culture that thrives on change and believes in innovation. The three other Cs, which are made possible through crowdsourcing software, are Critical thought, Curiosity, and Customers.

Crowdsourcing Software and Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is essential to innovation and creativity. Some people don’t understand this, because thinking critically is based on theory and processes, whereas creativity is about free form. However, the two can coexist very well. In fact, they are true partners. Through crowdsourcing software, someone can put forward an idea, which is all about being creative. But others then review it through critical thinking. This, in turn, makes them more creative and encourages the original idea poster to think critically about what is being said.

Crowdsourcing Software and Curiosity

Innovation cannot exist without curiosity. People must want to know about the “what ifs” and the “whys”. Even if they believe they already know, they are curious to find out whether they were right or not. Crowdsourcing software encourages people to be more curious because it makes them look at other people’s ideas, while at the same time finding out what people think about their ideas. But mainly, with curiosity, people can learn to think outside of the box and reframe certain issues.

Crowdsourcing and the Customer

Last but not least, the customer has to be central to all operations relating to innovation. Again, crowdsourcing software can make this possible, because customers can be added to the process. Not just that, however, but everyone in the team must agree that whatever they do is for the benefit of the customer. And this is something they can discuss through crowdsourcing software as well. It brings everybody together and challenges people to talk about their ideas and how those can impact the customer.

Is Your Team Proficient?

It is very important that you, as the leader, determines whether or not your team is proficient in the 3 Cs, and that they know how to use the crowdsourcing software. The next time you have a team meeting, therefore, you should ask yourself:

  • How many new ideas were openly suggested in the meeting itself.
  • Whether the ideas that were suggested focused on customer experiences and the company’s mission and values.
  • Whether others listened properly to the idea presented, and how long it took them to determine the idea would never be a success.
  • Whether group think, overconfidence, and other cognitive biases were in place and whether the team succumb to them.
  • Whether the team discussed from the perspective of assumptions on the customers.
  • Whether any new ideas were properly evaluated, or whether they were simply dismissed.

If you find your team isn’t being as innovative as they could be, then focusing on the 3 Cs is the best place to get started to turn your business into a modern functioning one.


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