New Car Technologies Bringing Us Into The Future

Over the last century, the idea of a car has shifted in a big way. Starting with Ford’s Model T, 2020 brings in the reality of self-driving vehicles. Automotive technology is aimed to keep us safer on the roads, and it’s looking good so far.

If you’re looking to purchase a capable new vehicle, take a moment for some light research. Check out a brief look at some of the most impressive new car technologies bringing us into the future.

Eco-Friendly automobiles

Sure, there are still plenty of vehicles on the road today that aren’t quite as clean as they should be. However, today’s automotive technologies are creating vehicles that put out no harmful emissions at all.

Low/no emissions vehicles are a little more expensive to purchase, but green car loans will lead to saving much more than a few dollars. You can get tax benefits by owning an eco-friendly vehicle, and some businesses reward owners with good parking spaces as well.

Connected mobile applications

Today’s tech-savvy vehicles can do a whole lot with a smartphone connection. Remote start, Bluetooth connections, checking tire pressure, and a slew of other functions are all made possible by the connectivity to mobile applications.

Teen driver technology

You can purchase a vehicle that will help you keep a better eye on the new drivers in the family. Technology has enabled parents to keep tabs on teen drivers in a way never before imagined.

Capable cars can limit the speed of your young driver, turn off the radio if their seatbelt isn’t engaged, and even keep your kids from blaring the radio while you’re not there to tell them to turn it down.

Stolen vehicle tracking services

If you have a fear of getting your car stolen, there’s technology available to help you save your vehicle. Tracking technology is built into your services through OnStar or Connected Drive. In the event that your car is stolen, it can immediately be tracked through GPS capabilities.

Adaptive cruise control

As the world moves towards a more common setting of self-driven vehicles, you are slowly getting the various pieces of the complete puzzle in more affordable packaging. Adaptive cruise control is one of those pieces.

Your daily commute to work is made into relaxing work when your vehicle can control its speed all on its own. Just set the adaptive cruise control, and forget about the pedals. The car will slow and accelerate all on its own, even in traffic.

Auto emergency braking

Distraction is a constant criminal against safe driving. You look down to turn the volume up on the radio. In that second, the conditions of the road ahead could shift.

Auto emergency braking is there to make that split-second decision when you miss the opportunity. Sensors on the vehicle will determine if a collision is imminent and enable braking in an instant.



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