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Norco Ranch Eggs Talk About the Power of Eggs for Building Muscle

In the era of protein shakes and all sorts of other types of supplements, it hardly comes as a surprise to read that so many people are searching for the next big food that is going to transform their body. Well, it’s coming in the form of one of the simplest foods around; eggs.

That’s right; there’s been a surge of interest in this food recently, according to Norco Ranch eggs. In fact, some stores are even designing their packaging in a bid to directly appeal to athletes – which should suggest just how the infatuation is developing.

Bearing this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the main reasons why so many athletes are turning to eggs in a bid to supercharge their diet.

They simply ooze protein

As you have stumbled across this article based on fitness, we’re going to assume that you know everything about protein. Put simply, it’s the perfect ingredient for anyone who is looking to build muscle or lose weight. It’s the building block of muscle, while it can suppress your appetite as well. Something else that you should know is that eggs contain huge amounts of it.

Sure, you’re not going to get the same amount of protein per egg as you do in a supplement. The fact that they contain around 5g per egg is huge, and means that you can comfortably receive a huge supply of protein by just turning to them for breakfast.

It contains cholesterol which is completely healthy

This is where the egg has perhaps made a turnaround, and also perhaps one of the reasons why more athletes are turning to them.

Once upon a time there was a lot of bad press about eggs due to the yolk. The yolk traditionally contains the bulk of the fat of the egg, and this led to obvious concerns about cholesterol levels.

Well, there is now evidence to show that dietary cholesterol doesn’t impact blood cholesterol. In relation to the egg, this means that even if you are consuming several eggs a week, it’s not going to have any negative impact on your blood cholesterol levels.

In other words, don’t worry about incurring a stroke or heart disease because you have eggs in your diet.

The super fat-factor

We’ve just touched on fats, but in the case of eggs they contain plenty of Omerga-3 fatty acids. This is really significant from a general health perspective, as these fatty acids have been found to reduce inflammation levels immensely.

Not only that, but studies have shown that they can benefit your heart and brain as well. This is something that is often understated when it comes to eggs and while you should obviously take in the bodybuilding benefits and reap them, you also shouldn’t forget that eggs can help your overall health and perhaps touch those “invisible” areas that are often neglected in the era of looking fit and healthy.

Esther Nenadi Usman on Addressing the Disillusionment with Politics Young People Have in Nigeria

Around 50% of the population in Africa is made up of people aged 30 or younger. They are everywhere: in the streets, in the fields, in the classrooms, on the pitches. But where they aren’t found, unfortunately, is in politics. This is something that Esther Nenadi Usman aims to change. With her background in education in the southern state of Kaduna, she knows like no-one else how important the voice of today’s youth is.

Esther Nenadi Usman on the Role of Youth in Politics

In the past, young people have been used in politics. They have been a tool for politicians who wanted to say all the right thing but didn’t actually deliver. Youths were also cheap labor and great for handing out election materials. But as soon as the elections were over, young people would be forgotten again.

All across Africa, youths are also abused. They are recruited by rebels, revolutionaries, and vigilantes. The plight of the child soldier is well-documented, but little is done about it. The fact that young children are snatched from their villages and made addicted to heroin to carry out despicable acts, is well-known.

Esther Nenadi Usman has always pushed the plight of young people and she is excited about the ripples that seem to be forming. It was mainly young people that drove the Arab Spring. They came up with strategies to inform others of their plans. They motivated each other. They become communicators, using modern technology to spread their message.

Young people standing up for what is right in Africa is nothing new. Remember Doe, Rawlings, and Sankara, who were all recruited by the military but ended up changing their countries, Liberia, Ghana, and Burkina Faso, for the better. They brought unity, because they acted and because they actually represented at least 50% of the population of their country – the young.

Today, young people in Africa want more. They want to gain an education from skilled teachers, they want to access technology, and they want to start businesses. But they are hampered by the fact that, still, youth unemployment is often twice or three times as high as overall unemployment. This is despite the fact that they are better educated and know more of the modern world. And this is precisely what Esther Nenadi wants to change. She wants young people to take on the place they have worked very hard for, and the place that they deserve.

Thankfully, there has been a rise of forums relating to young people in different African countries. The last elections in Nigeria in 2015 saw a huge uprising of young voters speaking out for their beliefs. A change is going to come for the African young people, who are already inspiring the next generation and telling them that they too have a voice that can be heard. Esther Nenadi looks at them with great pride and embraces this development, seeing that in them lies the greatest future Nigeria will ever have.

Wedding Planning: How To Make A Triumphal Entry!

If you are organising your wedding, you might be overwhelmed by the number of details that need organising for the big day. One of the most important details is the bride and groom’s arrival at the ceremony, whether religious or civil. Here is how to make sure your entrance brings you happiness and is a head-turning one!

If you want to impress your guests with a stellar entrance, hiring a premium wedding vehicle is a must. This detail is especially important if you know that the chosen vehicle will be the same one that whisks you away as newlyweds following the ceremony and will appear in your wedding photographs.

We asked experts who provide wedding cars in Worcestershire what people should consider before settling on the wedding car for their big day.

  1. The services included

Look for a wedding car provider which takes care of the floral decoration, the route, the schedules, and the impeccable maintenance of the car. A well-groomed chauffeur is also a must!

  1. Classic cars are trending

This original service adds to the sophistication and uniqueness of the day with a touch of elegance. It is, without doubt, a detail that will impress everyone. Currently, the most popular ‘classic’ is the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II, 1958. But there are many other models which you might prefer based on your own style and personal taste.

  1. A wide variety of choice

Another showstopper of a wedding car is the 1963 Bentley S3 Continental. Its aluminum body, carved wood, Silver Lake Blue with Magnolia natural leather interior, and much more, make this car a unique and truly head-turning choice as a wedding car. Guaranteed to please the bride and groom, as well as all their guests.

Alternatively, you could consider other premium vehicles, with a more modern character, such as the Mercedes S Class and V Class. You can choose the one that best suits the style of your wedding.

If you feel you would prefer something more contemporary, how about choosing the latest model of Porsche 911 or the Mercedes C Cabrio. And if guests need to be transported also, consider the Mercedes-Benz V Class with seven seats.

  1. Range of costs adapted to each couple

A reputable wedding car provider will offer affordable prices for any couple who want to impress their guests. And often custom-made packages depending on the exact details to be included can be negotiated; such as decoration of the car, the inclusion of a chauffeur, etc.

  1. Make your reservation in plenty of time

Professional wedding car providers recommend that you reserve the vehicle as early as possible, to avoid disappointment. Around four months prior to the date for the wedding is ideal.

Nectar Bed Reviews the Impact of Lack of Sleep on Children

There is nothing quite like having a wonderful, comfortable night’s sleep, regardless of how old you are. However, it is particularly important for children to have proper rest, as this is when their brain and body develops and grows. Without sleep, children cannot stay energetic, happy, and healthy. This is why Nectar Bed reviews the impact of lack of sleep on children.

Nectar Bed Reviews Poor Quality Sleep in the Young

Sleep deprivation, be that full insomnia, insufficient sleep, or poor quality sleep, has a serious impact on the way your child’s body functions. Parents often notice quite quickly that their child is cranky or moody and instantly know that they didn’t sleep properly. However, there are some changes that are not behavioral and more difficult to spot as well. Some of those can be very serious, particularly in the long run. For instance:

  • Lack of sleep cam lead to behavior, learning, memory, and attention problems.
  • Children younger than 41 months can become more impulsive and hyperactive.
  • Children who sleep poorly often have poorer cognitive performance.
  • Metabolism is affected by lack of sleep, meaning children are more likely to become overweight or obese, with all the potential dangers associated with that (heart disease, diabetes, and so on).
  • Lack of sleep leads to energy imbalance. It affects a range of hormones, including human growth hormone, insulin, leptin, ghrelin, and cortisol.
  • It is not unheard of for children to develop attention problems as a result.
  • Adolescents with poor sleep habits are more likely to become suicidal, to be drowsy while driving, and to engage in risk-taking behavior, particularly drug abuse.

How Do You Recognize Your Child Doesn’t Sleep Enough?

  • They want to nap more often than normal.
  • They are often yawning.
  • They find it difficult to wake up on the morning.
  • Your child isn’t motivated anymore, loses interest in the things they enjoy, struggle to pay attention, and can’t focus.
  • They want to go back to bed for quite a while after having been woken up.
  • They prefer to lie down than to spend time with their friends or members of the family.
  • Teachers start to complain about the child yawning or appearing drowsy, or about sudden behavioral changes.

They Must Sleep Properly

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is that children, whether newborn babies or young adults, get as much sleep as they need, and that this is consistent. For small babies, this includes having enough naps. It is very important that families take the time to make sleep a priority for every member of the family. The benefits of doing this are truly countless. It ensures the entire family feels relaxed, active, and alert. It has a direct impact on social behavior, learning, personality, and temperament. Having a night time routine in place is comforting and good for the whole family, not just your child. Making sure that bed time is an enjoyable time and that it is for sleeping from an early age, sets your child up for good habits for the rest of their life.

The Benefits of a Patio Cover with West Coast Better Homes

If your home boasts a patio area which you frequently use to entertain guests or spend quality time in your back yard with your family members, simply continue reading to discover some of the various benefits of purchasing an affordable patio cover with West Coast Better Homes.

1. Patio covers provide well needed protection from the elements

Not only will a quality patio cover protect you from inclement rain but investing in a patio cover will also protect your friends and family members from the sun’s harsh UV rays. As an example, if your children enjoy spending time playing outside on your patio, by installing a full patio cover, you can ensure that your children are able to get some fresh air without getting burnt by the hot afternoon sun. If you’ve worked hard on your patio home decor, you don’t want it getting ruined by one storm. 

If you enjoy spending time in your yard during winter, you’ll also enjoy being able to enjoy a bit of cool, refreshing air without being completely exposed to the elements!

2. Patio covers tend to be made from heavy duty materials such as aluminium

If you’re worried about a patio cover being ripped in strong gusts or storms, think again as West Coast Better Homes’ high quality patio covers are made out of sturdy aluminium and will be able to take a beating from the wind, rain and sleet, without getting torn up. So if you’re looking for a patio shade which will last a decade of abuse, it’s well worth purchasing a genuine, heavy duty, aluminium patio cover.

3. Patio covers can add a touch of style to your patio area

Did you know that you can opt for a patio cover which features a stylish wood grain, which will be sure to catch the attention of all of your guests?

4. Patio covers are incredibly easy to maintain

All you have to do to clean your patio cover is to rinse your patio cover on a semi-regular basis. Which is great news if you find it hard to keep on track of all of your current household chores and tasks.

5. Patio covers boast a wide array of innovative, creative uses

Some of the possible uses for a patio cover may surprise you. As an example, you can use a patio cover to cover a sand pit, a paddling pool, a garden, a portable spa pool or a picnic table. Alternatively, you can also use a patio cover to provide adequate shade for your pet such as a dog, rabbit or guinea pig.

6. All of West Coast Better Homes’ sturdy, high-quality patio covers come with a lifetime guarantee

Once you invest in a high quality patio cover from West Coast Better Homes, you’ll never have to worry about replacing your new patio cover as each patio cover comes with a free lifetime guarantee. Having a patio can boost the cost of your home, so it needs to be protected. Which will make replacing your patio cover in a decade or two a breeze. Which may come in handy one day.

If you’re tempted, there’s no better time to invest in a highly rated patio cover from West Coast Better Homes!

James P DeVellis Discusses the Key Traits of a Good Orthopedic Surgeon

Today, there are numerous different orthopedic surgeons, including James P DeVellis. Commonly, they specialize in a certain area of orthopedics, although others are generalized. Regardless thereof, there are a number of things that they all share in common, including flexibility, mental strength, and physical strength. Let’s take a look at some of the other things that all orthopedic surgeons share.

James P DeVellis on Orthopedic Surgeon Traits

According to DeVellis, for someone to be an orthopedic surgeon, they need to have:

Tact and Sensitivity

First of all, an orthopedic surgeon knows that they are always at risk of allegations of misconduct. While, most of the time, these allegations are unfounded and the surgeon will voluntarily provide all the evidence of this, it is still news that nobody wants to get. Hence, they must at all times be tactful and sensitive, understanding the needs of their patients and explaining issues in a way that they understand. Sometimes, this is bad news as well, unfortunately.


Good surgeons also have to be flexible. They understand that patients recover at different rates and in different ways. Someone who has only had a local anesthetic may end up having difficulties for months, whereas someone else who has had full open surgery may be back on their feet within days. Whenever something doesn’t go the way it was expected, a surgeon has to be flexible enough to try something else.


A surgeon must also be calm under pressure. They must remain calm when an old fox simply doesn’t understand why they can’t dance the night away anymore. They must be able to deal with pressure, even if things go completely wrong during surgery and something awful such as hitting an artery happens. They must also be able to remain calm in emergency situations, particularly if they deal with emergency room patients.


It takes many years to become an orthopedic surgeon and their learning journey is never complete. They must keep their knowledge and skills up to date at all times, and they must be passionate about what they do. Unless they are dedicated not just to their profession, but also to the welfare of their patients, they should find a different job.

Excellent Coordination Skills

This is true for all surgeons. They must have a steady hand, and their hand eye coordination skills have to be truly superior to those of regular individuals. The fine motor skills a surgeon has are something to behold.


Because orthopedic surgeons deal with bones and human bodies, both of which can be heavy and are generally very tough, they must also be very strong.

It can be difficult for someone to have all the traits as described above. This is why only few people become orthopedic surgeons at all. It also means that those who are able to get to that point are generally incredibly good at what they do. They take their responsibilities seriously and they ensure that their patients have the best possible outcomes overall.

Ron Blum Looks at the History of Government Spending and U.S. Economics

In 1992 Rob Blum made an appearance at the Senate Committee due to his expertise as an economist. His knowledge and experience on how government spending works was particularly appreciated and, in fact, the focus of his entire experience. Today, he hopes to shed some more light on how government spending works, and where it comes from.

Ron Blum on Three Types of Government Spending

According to Ronald Blum, there are three key types of government spending:

  1. Final consumption expenditure, which means the government buys services and goods that are consumed by the community.
  2. Gross Capital Formation (GCF), which means the government buys services and goods that could benefit the community, such as infrastructure and research.
  3. Intermediate consumption expenditure, which are all other services and goods the government buys, generally through an intermediary.

As an economist, Ron Blum knows that the government also makes transfer payments. These are money transactions in which no goods or services are purchased. Things like social security and surplus are included in this. Meanwhile, the money itself comes from seignior age, government borrowing, and tax payments.

Ronald Blum also wants to point out the GDP – the Gross Domestic Product. This is the gross capital formation and final consumption expenditures made by the government. Essentially, the GDP shows how much money a country has.

A History of Government Spending

One of the things Ron Blum raised during his appearance at the 1992 Senate Committee was explain where government spending comes from. He pointed out economist John Maynard Keynes, who developed the theory that when the government spends more, demand for aggregate funds will grow, and consumption will grow as well. When that happens, production goes up, too. Indeed, under that theory, the Great Depression ended because the government starting spending, specifically on World War II. If a country is experiencing an economic downturn, the country has to start spending to fix it.

In the USA, the United States Census Bureau publishes all the expenditures of the government. The Statistical Abstract of the United States updates this each year. Of course, it is difficult to properly interpret these cash flow statements. Ronald Blum is arguing, therefore, for more accrual reporting, which provides a clearer picture overall.

Every five years, the Census Bureau updates their records, and the financial census is updated each year. What this shows is that, in 1902, the government’s expenditure stood at 7% of the GDP. Yet, in 2006, it stood at 35%. What this demonstrates, mainly, is that growth is still quite slow. Welfare spending often decreases, whereas military spending often increases. Indeed, war is said to be fantastic for the overall economy.

Understanding the economics of a country as large, varied, diverse, and complex as the United States is almost impossible to do. However, for Ron Blum, it has become a true passion. Himself and several others focus specifically on gaining a greater understanding of this country’s finances, and on determining whether or not Keynes was right.

Interesting Jobs In San Diego For People Who Like Something A Bit Different

Many jobs seem the same. Go to the office, clock in, get some work done in between talking to colleagues, checking social media, and then clock out and head home. There’s a sense of every day being the same with many of these types of jobs, which makes you want to count the hours until you can clock out.

There are plenty of interesting jobs in the San Diego area for people who like to try something a little bit different to the norm. The day passes much faster and they’re more enjoyable to do. Let’s look at a few now.

Model Makers

Making models either using plastic or some kind of metal is an exacting thing that often has to be completed to scale for architects, realtors, and other professionals who require them for demonstration purposes. The job is in demand and pays around $50,000 per year for people with good experience and real skill, rising to around $70,000 for really talented model makers.

HVAC Technician

An HVAC technician works installing heating, ventilation, and AC systems, mostly for business users but also some residential ones as well. In the job, they go outside to travel to the client’s premises or homes, meet the customer in person, and listen to what problem they’re experiencing with their system. Then they get to work diagnosing the exact issue and what parts will be needed (or adjustments) to get the system back up and running again. Whether they’re feeling the heat in the summer or chilly in the winter time, rescuing people with a fixed HVAC system feels personally rewarding.

To become an HVAC technician, you need a degree that’s focused on this trade. You can learn about what you need to apply for the right degree course from this best HVAC training site. They will show you the different schools that teach the course. Some will be nearby while other schools often offer online courses to make it easier to study in your own time.

Claims Investigator

For someone with an eye for detail who likes to dig deeper into issues to find out the real skinny, the role of a claims investigator is interesting one. As an investigator, you would get to investigate the validity of claims made by policyholders. Usually, only the questionable cases get referred to the investigator to examine whether the claim is inaccurate, either accidentally or on purpose. The role pays over $65,000 per year because of its importance to the insurance company.

Credit Counselor

A credit counselor works with people who are having problems managing their personal finances, and particularly with regards to their use of debt. The US education system sadly still doesn’t address how we as adults should manage our money and, as a result, money, and debt are often mismanaged due to lack of knowledge or understanding. A credit counselor can help to bridge that knowledge gap by educating the people s/he meets to help them turn their financial lives around in short order.

There are plenty of interesting jobs available, so you don’t have to work in one that you dislike. Not everyone realizes this. Many of us fall into a profession and never leave it because we don’t believe we can actually choose. But, we can! It is time to improve your happiness and change your profession if you’re not enjoying it any longer.

Is it Time for Cosmetic Surgery?

Let’s face it not all of us are happy about the way we look.  Whether it is the bags under our eyes, that Breast Augmentation procedure or something we don’t like about ourselves.  Its human nature, especially in today’s society to look better and there is no shame in looking down the cosmetic surgery route. The way I see it, it is your body and if you want something done to improve yourself, it will only benefit you. What it can do for your own personal self-confidence is staggering, it can only have a benefit on your life.  Being happy and comfortable in your own skin feels amazing and you deserve nothing less. You may have tried every other route as well by working out like crazy or attempting other less invasive procedures and received minimal results. Below are some tips that will help you decipher if cosmetic surgery is right for you and where to start.

Be Sure

Cosmetic surgeries and treatments are something that you must be sure about.  They can help contribute to your happiness and how you want to look but depending on what you want doing it can be a process.  It is a big step and something that can be fairly nerve racking, especially for your first treatment.  It is an investment into a happier future and you will be in safe hands.  Like anything explore every aspect before going ahead.

Where to Start

When considering a cosmetic procedure a good place to start it by talking to your local GP.  They may be able to point to you in direction of a great beauty clinic and they can make you aware of any health issues that can be or will affect the procedure.


When you have a clinic in mind always check that they are registered.  You can ask the clinic directly for their certificate, if it something they can provide be wary.  Once all is confirmed have a look into the past procedures they have done, usually they will provide before and after photos from their clients and this is a great way to assess their work.  Read reviews also, there is no one better to hear from than past clients. It is really important to read through bad reviews as well as good ones.  It is all great reading the great things about a clinic but it is the bad things that you should take more notice of.  As I mentioned before this is something you are doing to make yourself happier, don’t let a bad clinic get in the way of that.

Visit the Clinic

It is always a great idea to visit the clinic before making any decisions.  Gather as much info as you can, take questions with you and most respected clinics will have no problem with helping you with all of your queries.  A local clinic I have used before called Sono Bello really impressed me with this, like you it was my first procedure and I didn’t really know what to expect.  This instantly put me at ease and it’s safe to say I would use there fantastic service again.

Love Yourself

Whatever procedure you are thinking about, I really hope this is a step towards loving yourself.  Be you, be happy!

What s Life Really Like As a CEO?

Being a CEO is the ultimate position for anyone who likes business, yet the sad truth for many of us is that we are unlikely to ever hold such a coveted position. For the few that will however, a great future awaits, the chance to step in the footsteps of highly inspirational mean and women. Around the world there are a great many CEOs who have made incredible success stories of themselves. People for example, like Marc Leder, CEO of Sun Capital Partners group, the successful investment group, a self-made man who works at the top of his profession, inspiring and leading. Whist many of us may not be on our way to the had of the board, there is still an allure to this job, which leaves many of us wondering what it is like.


Ultimately, the role of the CEO is highly stressful, the pressures which the job comes with are enormous and they are felt each and every day. More often than not there are key decisions to be made within the firm, meetings tone had, problems to resolve and an entire company to manage. The key to being a good CEO starts with stress management.


We should remember that those who get to the position of CEO are those who have strived for that exact position, and it is a role which anyone in business would love to have. For these reasons, the role of CEO is an exciting one, it is the best gig in town and there is a buzz which will come with holding the role.


Most CEOs are very busy men and women who are involved in far more than their own business, many take up positions on other types of boards and committees and as such, their schedules are usually packed with engagements. When you add the mix the amount of meetings and discussions which you need to have on a daily basis, you can start to see just how much talking is involved. Small talk, deep conservations and emotional discussion are all something that you can expect on a daily basis.


Few CEOs come out of their career unscathed and whilst there may be a great deal of ups and happiness during your time in charge, you should also expect there to be some downs. Many CEOs say that it is this uncertainty in business with is what keeps them alive and why they have chosen the careers which they have. Ultimately, the choice as to whether you have more ups than downs, depends on you.

Well Paid

It is no secret that the best paid men and women in the world are CEOs and for sure you will be able to count on a healthy salary in the role. Added to your salary you will usually find financial benefits such as a pension fund, health care, share options and lots of expenses.