2019 Furniture Trends to Inspire Your Home Décor


Furniture trends come and go, and while some styles are considered classic and trendy every year, there are some that are no longer in fashion. Outdated furniture can make a home look boring. But since buying new furniture can be a significant expense, you can get inspiration from current trends and incorporate a few of the elements in your home’s existing interior. If you are looking for ideas, here are the top furniture trends for 2019.

Natural and sustainable materials

Sustainability is a concept that infiltrated the furniture industry with the ultimate goal of ensuring that materials are ethically sourced from local and sustainable sources. Many furniture manufacturers sell sets, like the Ashley furniture Flynnter collection, to give customers the option to buy several pieces at a more affordable price. Furniture sets are not only economical but also help reduce waste by buying from one source with the same quality and consistency in craftsmanship.

There are also many furniture manufacturers that experiment with new materials like bamboo or reclaimed wood to create architectural pieces that are sure to be a conversation piece for any home.

Custom and handmade furniture

Bespoke furniture is once again trendy as more consumers are willing to support small businesses and promote their work. Custom pieces are pricier, but the quality is excellent. You can also collaborate with the furniture maker in designing a piece that reflects your design aesthetic.

Velvet upholstery

Velvet is slowly making a comeback and is popular for creating an interior with a more dramatic effect. Velvet is plush and luxurious but also tricky to maintain. It is not a recommended fabric for individuals with young children and pets.

Metallic accents

Combining soft upholstered pieces with metal frames is a furniture trend that is bound to become more popular in the coming years. This style is both contemporary and classic which is perfect for homes looking for a transitional design.

Floral patterns

Floral patterns are making a huge comeback this year, but with a more modern approach. If you want to incorporate florals in your interior, you can add small accents such as throw pillows or chintz curtains for that rustic, yet modern, take on a traditional design element.

Canopied beds

Wrought iron canopy beds are back in style. Look for simple, clean lines that are not too bulky. An updated take on this trend is to use darker colors and simple designs. A four-poster bed is indeed the epitome of luxury for bedrooms.

Mixed materials

Mixing different types of metals and materials to create furniture is another significant trend for this year. You can attempt to recreate this trend by adding gold light fixtures and chairs with silver legs. To avoid a cluttered appearance, focus on one area of your house to incorporate this design.

High gloss furniture

High-gloss furniture took a backseat during the last couple of years but is making a comeback. High-gloss décor lends a modern appearance to a room, but be careful not to add too many high-gloss pieces. Choose a few pieces strategically placed to catch the light and make the room look brighter and more spacious.

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