5 Ways You Can Give Your Backyard an Instant Upgrade

If you have a large family or you like to entertain, chances are your backyard is seeing a lot of action. Perhaps you want to get the most out of it and are thinking of making some modifications which is a great idea, and making just a few additions or adjustments could give it a second life. There are some projects, however, that could end up being an absolute pain to complete, or costing you in the long run. Here are a few simple ways that you can give your backyard an instant upgrade.

Add a Porch or a Deck

Having a deck built is one of the fastest and easiest ways to improve any outdoor living space. Not only will it make it more functional, but everyone loves a good deck. This means that you’ll be able to impress buyers if you ever decide to sell the house and be able to increase its value with a modest investment.

Having a porch is also a great way to improve your house’s curb appeal and functionality. If you want something that you’ll be able to use in bad weather or will give you additional protection from insects, you can go with a screened porch. A regular porch, however, is still a great addition if you want some extra sitting space.

Create a Nice Kitchen Space

Outdoor kitchens are also a big winner with buyers and a great option if you love to entertain. You don’t have to go all out, however. You can create a great BBQ island out of wood, though some might want to go with something more luxurious like brick. That’s also something you can do yourself if you have the skills. Just making this addition could take your backyard to the next level.

Add an Outside Living Room

If you’re going to build a kitchen, why not add a living room while you’re at it? Create an inviting space with comfy sofas and chairs. You could decide to have it covered or uncovered. A nice outside fireplace could also be a great addition.

Add Privacy

No matter how great your backyard is, you won’t be able to enjoy it if you constantly have neighbors peeking in. Some may want to add some vinyl fencing for more privacy. Greenery can also be used. Another thing you could do to add privacy to your patio is to install noise colorful rugs between the posts.

Be Creative

A nice thing about outdoor spaces is that you get to be more creative and experimental. This is also a great place to use reclaimed wood. You could easily turn reclaimed lumber into a nice bench, for example. Also, try to find if you can ask people around you for materials they aren’t using. Something like unused flagstones and pavers would be great. Sit them on top of a pit and you now have an impromptu tabletop. Just little touches like this can make the space more convivial and give it a unique feel.


Upgrading a backyard doesn’t have to cost a fortune and can be made with a few simple changes. Make sure that you follow these tips and always look for new ideas to elevate your space.


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