A Checklist for Updating Your Home’s Exterior

Waking up to the morning sun and the sounds of hummingbirds and butterflies is something many homeowners want but few get to enjoy. Your home’s exterior can give your home a significant boost, but the reality is that many homes are bought in a not-so-great condition. The good news is that it’s never too late to give the outdoor areas of your house a new look. Here’s a checklist to guide you in updating your home’s exterior.



When maintaining your home’s exterior, your DIY skills can come in handy. You can easily handle common problems like changing the backyard bulb or pruning stubborn branches to let in as much sun as possible. However, roofing is not an area to be messed with, as issues concerning the installation of a new roof can be complex for DIY. Calling professional roofers for a little help might be a good idea.

Enlisting roof repair experts from your community to do an excellent job will save you a lot of headache. For instance, if you’re in Merritt Island or its surrounding areas, a quick search for a “Merritt Island roofing contractor” on Google can bring up several results for your roofing needs. The reason is that the roofing industry has many varieties in materials, installation technologies, colors, and more. Professional roofing contractor companies with years of experience know which plan best fits your outdoor roof project. There’s also the issue of climate change, which requires different roofing choices to match a specific place’s rainfall pattern and other conditions. For example, getting a tile roof for your Merritt Island home may work well, but it may not be an ideal choice for someone staying around Melbourne Beach and other surrounding areas. Different factors come into play, and it pays to have the right hands to guide your way to the best exterior decisions.



An outdoor garden or patio decorated with outside plants is a great way to upgrade your home’s exterior. For many people, greenery is valuable and can also significantly impact a home’s value. Aside from the aesthetic value, outside patios with the right plants and flowers can be the perfect place for relaxation. However, cultivating new plants or creating a new garden from scratch is no easy task.

Generally, you’ll need water, sunlight, fertilizer, and other related knickknacks for your patio to bloom, but dealing with pests and other crop failure factors can be hectic for beginners. So, it’s important to know which plants are easy to maintain and will have no problem growing in your outdoor garden (considering the amount of time and resources needed for plant care). For example, some plants need much sunlight and can grow in extreme temperatures, but opting for such plants might not be a good idea if your local area doesn’t have the full sun in view. Others require much water and do well in moist soil conditions.

Choose the ones that fit your needs and try your best to do a great job with gardening. A blooming garden’s benefits are endless. You can get lovely plants like tomatoes for food. To lighten your mood, you can depend on flowers like hibiscus, petunia, and more. According to some health experts, blooming flowers like geraniums can help reduce susceptibility to depression and other mental health disorders.


Adding color and aesthetics to your home’s walkways can make your outdoor areas appealing and easy to navigate. You can theme your walkways around a central garden from which every other sidewalk flows, just like a typical quadrangle. If you have a large compound, you can install walkway sheds to shield your visitors from the effects of the outside temperature.

These ideas can help you elevate the look of your home’s exterior!


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