How to Create the Perfect Feature Wall

A feature wall is the pinnacle of any living space, a focal point to center your room around, provide an eye-catching aspect and bring harmony and symmetry into your space. Getting a feature wall right can be tricky, especially if you have an odd-shaped room, but there are many great ways you can make a feature wall really stand out.

Choose a Wall You Want to Be Facing

You want your feature wall to be the center point when you’re spending time in the room, so it makes sense to choose the wall which your furniture is most centered around, such as the wall which your couch is facing. Ideally, you want the wall to be centered in the room, and one of the largest walls.

Try to avoid choosing a wall which is broken up or disrupted, such as the wall with the doorframe or any windows.

Be Bold

It is possible to make a feature wall choosing more neutral colors if that’s your preference, but to really make an impact with a feature wall, it’s better to go bold and bright. If the rest of your room is neutral, it’s especially important to make your feature wall a contrast which is going to stand out.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with bolder colors or large-patterned wallpapers, as these will work well on feature walls. You can also combine wallpaper with paint to create a harmonious effect with complementary colors along one wall.

Introduce a Fireplace

A fireplace is a fantastic feature, not only for the room as a whole, but to make your feature wall stand out more. Fireplaces can easily add coziness and charm to any traditional room, or a modern and warm update using more minimalist design. You can also add more décor choices to a fireplace, using ornaments and accessories, to really make your feature wall pop — as well as it being fun to decorate for the changing seasons and holidays.

Suppliers like Stonewoods offer a variety of fireplaces suited for any home style.

Try to Avoid Too Many Accessories with Patterned Wallpaper

If you’re using a bold wallpaper with an eye-catching design, then you want this to be the main focus. You should avoid overcrowding your wall with mounted accessories like frames and mirrors, so that your wallpaper can remain the full effect, and not covered up by other items.

You can place mounted accessories on other walls of the room instead.

Use Lighting

You want your feature wall to still stand out, even during the evening, so adequate lighting is essential. If your feature wall is placed behind the TV, use backlighting and lamps to light up the space. You could use wall-mounted lighting, too, if they don’t detract too much from the feature wall’s color and design.

You could also install floor-standing lamps which adjustable heads, so you can place these around the room but have them pointed more considerably towards your feature wall.

Most importantly: have fun!



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