Regular Household Maintenance Tasks To Keep Your Home In Good Shape

If you and your family are comfortable in your current home, it makes sense that you’d want to work hard to keep the comfort going. Regular home maintenance will help extend the lifespan of your property and give you a chance to pass the property on to the next generation.

If you’re looking for things to do to keep you busy during your forced “staycation,” home maintenance could be what saves your sanity. Take a look at some regular household maintenance tasks to keep your home in good shape, so you and your family can live in it for many years to come.

Check on the status of your air filters

The air filters in your home are vital to maintaining the function of your heating and air conditioning unit. You should replace the intake filters inside your home once a month to keep from placing unnecessary lag on your HVAC unit.

Dirty filters place strain on the unit. The filters are simple to change, so it shouldn’t be a troublesome task to complete. Just make certain you have a filter that fits your unit properly.

Tend to the outside of your home

There are things on the outside of your home that will make a huge impact on the inside of your home if you don’t tend to them properly. For instance, you’ll want to check for cracks in the concrete foundation of your home.

Keep garden bedding like mulch from being right up against your home, as it provides a comfortable spot for termites to breed. You’ll bridge the gap for an invasion by lining your foundation with mulch.

Check for air and water leaks

While everything is closed up tight, inspect the inside of your home for air and water leakage. Water is one of your home’s worst enemies, and it’s crucial to catch drips before they turn to something more.

The same goes for air leakage in your home. Your energy bills will be much higher when your home isn’t properly sealed. Check around windows and doors to make sure the seals are still keeping the outside from coming inside.

Get the chimney professionally cleaned

If your home has a fireplace, it’s wise to clean the chimney at least once per year. You don’t want buildup in your chimney, as it is a heightened fire risk to your home.

Have professionals come and clean the chimney at least once a year to make certain it’s prepared to keep you and your family warm throughout the cold months.

Thoroughly clean grouting in bathrooms

Maintaining the grout in your bathrooms will help it last longer too. A simple scrub from time to time will keep mold and mildew from making a home in your showers and tubs.



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